Blockchain Consulting and Integration

Unibright .Solutions is the one-stop resource for enterprise-grade blockchain consulting. We empower businesses to transform their processes and systems with blockchain technology.

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Unibright Solutions

We are first movers in supporting business processes with blockchain technology.

20+ years of experience in software development, process integration and technology consulting.

Harnessing the unique features of Blockchain, DLT and decentralized consensus.

Improving existing processes in efficiency, transparency and security.

Welcome to Blockchain!

Our consulting approach helps you develop your powerful blockchain use case. We address all major pain points that come with implementing this novel technology.

As a partner of Microsoft, SAP, and blockchain startups like NEM, we´re well-positioned with the industry´s top connections and resources. We have no doubt we can find a solution that´s perfect for you.

Which blockchain protocol to use?

We help you finding the perfect protocol for your use case.

Where to get development resources?

We build your custom blockchain use case for any protocol – we have the top blockchain developers in the world.

How to integrate existing systems?

We don´t build an isolated blockchain pilot. We integrate all blockchain processes into your existing systems.

How to monitor ongoing business processes?

We build monitoring views that show you the complete process, whether it´s on or off the blockchain.


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Our consulting packages

We offer tailored packages to fit the need of every client. From our low-cost introductory workshop to our enterprise-grade consulting solutions, there´s sure to be a package just for you:

"First touch" workshop


  • 1 hour expert call (online)

  • 2 pg concept for "next steps"

"Deep dive" workshop


  • 4 hour workshop

  • 4 pg concept for "next steps"

Blockchain Package "small"


  • 4 hour workshop

  • 16 hrs detail concept

  • 70 hrs development

  • incl. 5.000 UBT to use Unibright Framework

Blockchain Package "medium"


  • 8 hour workshop

  • 40 hrs detail concept

  • 300 hrs development

  • incl. 25.000 UBT to use Unibright Framework

Blockchain Package "large"


  • 2 day workshop

  • 80 hrs detail concept

  • 600 hrs development

  • incl. 50.000 UBT to use Unibright Framework

Special offer for universities

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The Unibright Framework

With the Unibright Framework, we offer a user-ready product that will integrate the blockchain with your business processes in no time.

Learn more about the Unibright Framework on our product-centric website

The Unibright Workflow Designer

Visual, template-based definition of processes with no coding skills needed.

The Unibright Lifecycle Manager

Blockchain agnostic, automatic code generation (NEM, EOS, Corda, Ethereum, Hyperledger, …).

The Unibright Connector

Automatic integration into existing systems (SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, …).

The Unibright Explorer

One single point of monitoring the ongoing business process.

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